Metalistul protection warrior

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Metalistul protection warrior

Post  Metalistul on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:29 am

General information

Name: Nick
Age: 20
Location: Spain (living there for the past 7 months)

Character information:

Character name: Metalistul
Race : Taurean
Class: Warrior
Trade Skills (And 'special' recipes): Alchemy// Herbalism

Armory Link (please add it for us): i will add later... atm armory site not working

What is your raiding experience in TBC?
Kara Gruul and been at sum Maggy raids

Did you have any raiding experience before TBC? (remember to specify if you had another character in those raid and who he is)
Zg Aq20 MC Sad

Are you attuned to Karazhan?

Will you be able to attend our raids from start to end? (19.00-23.00)

Will you be able to attend at least three raids every week?

Will you spec as the guild requires?? yes

History with other guilds, and reason for leaving your last 2:
doomcraft / comfusion / oracle / bloodbound
Left oracle after a merge and bloodbound disbanded

Do you know anyone who is currently raiding in Puts, who will vouch for you ?
i know some ppl but better let them chose for themselves if they vouch me...

Why are you applying to Puts (this is very important)?
Heard that you have a nice progress in tk and ssc, and after 7 months out of wow i wanna raid with somebody that actually can help me improve my raiding xp Smile

Can you keep yourself supplied on consumables for all raids?
Sure woot else than potions, flasks and gold for repairs.

Additional Information you would like to tell us
Ain t been playing wow for the past 7 months so don t laugh at me if i don t know sum things that been added in the mean time Smile
Not that good @ english but can speak and understand ya...


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Re: Metalistul protection warrior

Post  Mego on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:31 am

Heya there m8 Smile
Been playing with him in doomcraft and bloodbound and i can say he tanks prty well...

Hope to see ya ingame asap for a little chat

edit: slacker armory is up: armory


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