Application Shaman Enhancement!

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Application Shaman Enhancement!

Post  Tunique on Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:46 pm

Copy this template and use it in your application post.

General information


Character information:

Character name:Tunique
Race :Orc
Trade Skills (And 'special' recipes): Alchemy/Herbalisme Elixie master

Armory Link (please add it for us):

What is your raiding experience in TBC? Kara/Grull/Za and SSC
Did you have any raiding experience before TBC? (remember to specify if you had another character in those raid and who he is) Well before TBS i hade a priest raided up to naxx

Are you attuned to Karazhan? ofc

Will you be able to attend our raids from start to end? (19.00-23.00) yes

Will you be able to attend at least three raids every week? yes

Will you spec as the guild requires?? well if they would previde the gear ofc

History with other guilds, and reason for leaving your last 2: I was in Prediction but the guild master desided to disband the guild...

Do you know anyone who is currently raiding in Puts, who will vouch for you ? Not really dont know ppl that much, but i talked to a guy, but ofc i cant remember the name

Why are you applying to Puts (this is very important)?
Iam looking for a newly started Guild so i can expserince the Growth of the Guild, kinda hard also to get acceptet in a old guild and getting a spot in a raid. But the main reason is because iam pretty tired of login in an buy potions, and show up ready for raid and it get's called of lag of players. And ofc i wanna be apart of somethink new and big.

Can you keep yourself supplied on consumables for all raids?
Yep no problem and even help out

Additional Information you would like to tell us
Well iam here and ready to go

Remember that you are presenting yourself to us with this application, so please put in a good ammount of effort. If you don't, your chances of getting a positive reply will drastically lower.


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Re: Application Shaman Enhancement!

Post  Celon on Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:34 pm

They always have a good time
They never get a wake up call
They’re hangin’ out at maisies and daisies
They always love the crazies
That ain’t all!

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