Uffda ---- Shadow Priest

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Uffda ---- Shadow Priest

Post  Uffda on Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:09 pm

General information

Name: Henrik
Age: 28
Location: Sweden (Born in Norway)

Character information: Enchanting and Tailoring as Proffesions, Cooking maxed, striving to max out fishing, like to PvP at times, got all the heroic keys, at the moment collecting Justice marks and doing allot of dailies.

Character name: Uffda
Race : Troll
Class: Priest
Trade Skills (And 'special' recipes): Tailoring and Enchanting

Armory Link (please add it for us): http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kazzak&n=Uffda

What is your raiding experience in TBC? Up to 3/4 Eye and 5/6 SSC
Did you have any raiding experience before TBC? I have 4 Priests chars, and 2 of them I have all pre TBC raid except NAX.

Are you attuned to Karazhan? Yes

Will you be able to attend our raids from start to end? (19.00-23.00) Yes

Will you be able to attend at least three raids every week? Yes

Will you spec as the guild requires?? I apply as a shadow priest, to be honest if I were to spec holy I would disagree.

History with other guilds, and reason for leaving your last 2: On Kassak I have been in two guilds, Sloth and Fang. about 70% of all Sloths merged with Fang to go hard on raiding.

Do you know anyone who is currently raiding in Puts, who will vouch for you ? I'm affraid not.

Why are you applying to Puts (this is very important)? I started a Rogue on this server, reason were that as a Priest I had most trouble handeling a Rogue when ot comes to fighting. Rogues are fun but after raiding with one I always found my self thinking about raiding with me Priest. Unfortunatly there is no Shadow Priests slots left in Fang, so the last 3-4 weeks I leveled up a horde priest I transfered from Korgal. I want to get back into raiding, and I'm used to raid 4-5 days a week.

Can you keep yourself supplied on consumables for all raids? Yes, the economy is very good.

Additional Information you would like to tell us? My equipment needs more work, I'm currently saving badges for the new vendors, but if needed I will use badges to buy items to improve my dps.
I'm ready to do my share when it comes progress for PUTS, meaning wipe 20 times on a new boss and not whine about it. Smile We work as a team, and we listen to the raid leader on the voice that is used. The rest of us shut up and do what we are there to do.


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Re: Uffda ---- Shadow Priest

Post  Mästare on Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:26 pm

I really enjoyed reading your application, We will contact you ingame for more information



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Re: Uffda ---- Shadow Priest

Post  Pagimo on Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:15 pm

Accepted. Topic closed


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Re: Uffda ---- Shadow Priest

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